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      Why do we need to have Integrated Stops in the bath faucets, shower assembly?

      Also I had question with running new Hot/Cold copper pipes. For my new bathroom, i need to run HC pipes for shower, sink, & cold pipe for toilet. Do I run each lines from the main source pipe (that runs nearby) or can i run 1 channel from source and distribute. is there a pressure related issue that i need to consider.

      thanks for any help.

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      Is this a local requirement?

      Some shower valves have integrated valves built into the faucet already.

      Valves are requirement for fixtures in the event of product failure, thus allowing the average user the capability to attempt to shut off water to source to shut off water.

      In copper piping, you run one line and reduce down to the last three hots and colds to 1/2″.

      Main line should be minimum 3/4″ from the main to the water heater and breaking down from there.

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      Retired plbg1

      When you run the water supply you run 3/4″ main line and reduce to 1/2″ at the last fixture.

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      Send me your e-mail add. I will send you a drawing.

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      Integral stops for bath & shower faucets are mostly found on commerical projects and not required by most codes for single family homes.

      The simplest way fo the home owner to size/install water piping is the way Art stated, go 3/4″ to your last two fixtures then branch off 1/2″ to each one.

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