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      I went to flush the comode and there was no water pressure. I checked the tank and it was empty. I checked the valve and it appeared to be on. I double checked the main shut off valve just in case it had been accidentally turn off. It wasn’t. Furthermore, the water is on in the sink in this bathroom. However, the toilet is flushing. Any thoughts/ideas will be appreciated.

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      It sounds as if the flapper valve is stuck up and allowing water out of the tank. Or… the fill valve is stuck down and not allowing water into the tank. Or… both are happening at the same time as long as you mean the toilet tank when you say tank, and not the well pump pressure tank… lol

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      Take the pipe loose from tank and see if you have water there, if you have then the ballcock is bad get a new one, and when tank is full put some egg dye in tank, dont flush and see if color comes in tank if so replace the flapper.

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      Some ballcocks have a screw which regulates the flow of water in the tank.The screw might need adjusted .Also if you have a float on a rod ,it could be stuck in the off position,not letting water into the tank.

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