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      I am in the process of buying an old house with poor water pressure. The plumbing has recently been changed to copper, but the water pressure is still poor. Is there a way to increase the water pressure from the city?

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      Scott Bryan

      There may be a pressure reducing valve on the inlet of the water line that can be adjusted. If not the only way to increse the pressure is to add a booster pump.

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      Before you increase the pressure you should know what size copper piping you have and which type K,L,or M. The problem associated with just increasing the pressure is you also increase the velocity which if left unchecked will cause erosion to your piping and leaks BESIDES a noisy system with possible hydrolic shock (water hammer) The piping size should be based on fixture unit demand and sized accordingly. Remember for every action there is a reaction and in plumbing this could really take its toll. Good luck. SylvanLMP

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      You said the plumbing was recently replaced to copper. Is it possible that just the water piping in the house has been replaced and you still have the original galvinized pipe water service coming into the house? If this is the case, install a new water service.

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