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      My builder just building our home but
      forgot to put in the laundry tub in the
      laundry room. He states that he cannot
      put one in because the basement is already cemented. Can he not attach
      plumming to the washer line to accomodate the tub.


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      Forget the builder GET the Licensed Master plumber back and talk to him/her. I am wondering what kind of “builder” says it cannot be done? With all kinds of surface mounted laundry room pumps self contained OR any drain line near by that is properly sized and vented how can someone make this kind of statement “Cant be done”

      Please inform your builder that MANY buildings have plumbing fixtures installed in the basements 100+ YEARS later so why cant it be performed on a new building? If the blue prints had a laundry sink approved on them then PUT IT IN.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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