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      i recently hired a plumber to replace a water heater that was leaking. he replaced the heater with a new one but the wire connections were at the top of the tank and the old connection was at the bottom. so to fix the problem of wires being to short he taped and wire nutted extension wires to the romax that was there this not only looks tacky and unprofeesional to me, but also bring a question of safety to mind. So my question is. Does this sound like the normal thing a plumber would do? or would they require a licensed electrician to come in and rewire it?

      thanx, dempsey

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      In most cases, the plumber could do the proper job, but since he thought what he did is a good installation, it is obvious that he cannot do it. In that case, you should have a licensed electrician. The connection between the wire and the extension has to be in a junction box, and all the exposed wire has to be in metal conduit or metal flexible cable, with a separate green ground wire. As an aside, if the hose wires are aluminum, then the connections have to be made with special connectors to prevent failure and possibly a fire.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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