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      I have a 40 gal.hot water heater (A.O. SMITH brand)that is 3 years old. I had to have it replaced because of
      a rust hole in the bottom of the tank.
      I replaced it and the plummer gave me a phone no. to call about getting some kind of adjustment on the tank. I have
      called the no (1-800-527-1959) since around 3-14-00, all I get is an answering machine that tells me to leave my no.
      and he’ll (Jerry Roller)call me back. I have yet to get a call.
      would someone please contact me about this problem.

      Thank you
      Bob Goodchild

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      In My Humble Opinion welcome to the REAL world of AO Smith. I no longer use AO SMITH the dip tube failure and defect tank company.

      TRY State water heaters OR Bradford White ANYTHING but Smith.
      Keep calling AO Smith or contact a local supply of this FAILURE tank and HOUND them constantly.
      DEMAND FULL price BACK PLUS the Actual cost of replacement LABOR KEEP posting how UNCARING AO SMITH is towards you. CALL your consumers affairs and ATTY General DONT let them hold your money ANY longer .
      By the way SEE about possibly collecting WATER damage from the AO Smith tank falure. Good Luck Another VICTIM OF AO SMITH

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