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      We have a late 1940’s/early 1950’s Crane wall-mounted bathroom sink with a
      built-in porcelein spout and globe-shaped faucets. One faucet leaked and a
      repairman, unable to screw the faucet off, sawed the other faucet’s valve
      in half to remove the faucet in order to locate the part. Now we know that
      it was a mistake, and we’re looking for two replacement faucets ASAP.
      We are in Chicago and have not had any luck yet.

      Is there someone out there who is familiar with this? We would like to save
      this sink if at all possible. [My father is in the hospital (emergency open
      heart surgery) and he really likes this sink. He has been quite ill, and
      this would make him happy.]

      Thank you so much.

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      Scott Bryan

      When you say the handyman cut the faucet did you mean the valve stem or the body of the faucet? Although the body of the faucet is not available the valve stems are available. I have most of the parts breakdowns for the crane pre-war faucets. Go to our web site and e-mail me and we will see what we can do.


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      It is probably a Criterion or Oxford sink with a dial-eze faucet. If the repairman did what it sounds like he did, then he was not a plumber. Those faucets just required new stems to be as good as new. There was no wear on the bodies. Unfortunately, the valve bodies are only available from a used plumbing store. The fortunae part is that Chicago has, or at least used to have, a multitude of them on Lake Street. You can call the Crane Company, they are on the west side, but I believe they cleaned out all the old fixtures a few years ago.

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      Sounds like I have the same fixtures thru-out my house. Some have chrome spouts and some have porcelin spouts, but all have the globe handl;es. The stems wear out regularly, and I was told there was nothing I could do about it but replace them regularly, which I do. My problem is with the stopper/drain plug. The “up/down controller” is a u-shaped device that pivots over the top of the spout. It’s locked up, as is the drain insert. How do I fix this? I have a bathtub drain iwith the same problem.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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