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      I have steam radiators in my house. On one of them, the air valve does not turn to make a snug fit, even with plumbers’
      tape. As a result, there is always some leakage of steam. I have tried other air valves, but without success. What are the options
      for a solution? Thank you.

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      If you have enough metal to work with, drill out to next larger size,tap it, bush it down, and install air vent. (I wouldn’t try it on a thin tube radiator)

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      Steam at 1 PSI = 216 degrees
      (Pressure temperature relationship)

      If the air vent is really that loose you may want to have a licensed plumber take a look at the possibility of closing up the existing hole by brazing or welding and retapping a new hole OR possibly replacing a section of the CI radiator OR it maybe as simple as retapping this hole to a larger size. The very worst thing is to have an uncontrolled steam leak with this kind of temperature escaping good luck

      TRY looking at this site

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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