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      My Question is, I now have an Electric Water Heater which is 24 years old and works well but I think I would be better off with a Direct Vent propane Water heater. As my basement corner where the flues are now for my furnace and wood burner, are too crowded for a water heater,If I put a direct vent water heater in same spot as my electric, I will have to run the vent pipe along the basement wall about 15 feet and then to the outside. Is this acceptable? What is the longest run acceptable for a direct vent heater and what are some suggestions out there for a good water heater that has a quick recovery to it? Many thanks,

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      How about a water heater that has a first hour recovery of 216 gallons 81 to 84% efficient has a built in power vent, self-modulating input rating of 35,000 to 165,000 btu’s and is only 24″ high by 16′ wide by 8″ deep and can be hung on the wall. yearly operating cost for NG $116.00. the water heater i’m talking about is the Takagi T-K1. if you have questions just email me or post here and i will get back with you.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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