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      Ben VK

      My tub will not drain and I’m wanting to get the overflow plate off but not sure how to go about it. It has a handle that turns side to side and moves a rod in the drain, but doesn’t actually stop it. There is one screw in the handle and none on the plate itself, do I pry it off? Please tell me what I need to do!


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      Nevermind. I couldn’t get that darn overflow plate off so I went in through the trap, which got me drenched with sludge but proved to be for the best since the clog was just past the trap.

      Thanks for not helping!

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      jack spotz

      you dont seem too upset about the sludge, you may have a career in plubing in your future! When my tub stops i just stomp on the drain hole HARD with the biggest part of my foot. the resulting water hammer gets the sludge-a-goin’ jack

Viewing 2 reply threads
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