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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I’m wanting to buy a water softener (don’t need an expensive systems). Is the Water Boss or Big Boss familiar to anyone? Is the Sears $450 value as good as any? If you have experience in softeners (good/bad/indifferent), I’d appreciate your feedback.

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        Avatar photojack spotz

          how many people in your house? how hard is your water? will your toilets be on soft water? need all this info to answer your question

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          Avatar photoGuest

            Thank you for your reply. There are currently only two of us but I’d like to ‘provide’ for up to 4. I propose to put it (softener) in the main line just past the whole house water filter, so all functions would be on the softener. I’m on a well and the hardness was one or two pts above normal city water…not extreme, but I don’t recall the exact number.

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            Avatar photojack spotz

              well it sounds like your water must be around 15 grains or less. do get that number, any softener salesman worth a poop will ask the same questions i did. i havent heard of the brand names you mentioned but that doesnt mean they arent good ones. ONLY buy a softener that is automatic demand regeneration, that means that it only regenerates when you have used a certain # of gallons. say your on vacation, it will know that you are not using water and just wait. but… if you get alot of company or your kid comes home from college with all his laundry, the softener will know that your using more water and compensate. the result is a constant supply of soft water with great salt efficiency! buy from a reputable dealer who stocks repair parts. jack

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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