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      Hello…Ive a single story raised foundation SFR with 30+ yr old galvanized that badly needs replacement. Why is cooper repiping so expensive and why do the plumbers who visit want to re-locate the water heater, etc and make the job even more costly? Is there any way that I can find a local copper repiping person to re-pipe under the raised foundation and in the walls and be done with the issue? The water MAIN is new and recently installed. Can PVC be used to re-pipe?
      Thank you.

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      Copper repiping has to be donw more carefully to avoid burning the house down. Depending on where the water heater is located, it may have to be raised or if there is no legitimate way to pipe the safety valve, then they may want to relocate it to a location where it can be. PVC cannot be used inside a house and can never be used for hot water piping.

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      Poly Doctor

      We offer a repipe contractor referral service throughout North America. You can visit our polybutylene repipe help site at

      Some of the questions are the same for copper repipes. If you need a referral in your area, e-mail us your address and phone at

      Poly Doctor

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      Copper installed by a Licensed Master Plumber can last literally over a hundred years.

      The problem with using plastic GARBAGE is the failures plastic are prone to.
      Using a “re piper” instead of a LMP practually insures your going to get a lousy job .

      The main reason copper system do fail is the human factor.

      These monkeys dabbling in the profession have no clue to sizing piping when it comes to velocity or frictions losses and the proper means of flushing out a newly installed system.

      If you go to the top of this page and loook under “plumberviews” and look at my articles I am certain your concerns will be answered RE Plastic Vs copper.

      UNDER normal pumbing practices you canreplace Galvaized piping with copper tubing ONE commerical size smaller. Good Luck


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