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      Anna Wallace

      Request: I need a design for a simple gray water system. My concern is the ability to choose between domestic and gray water as the source for a drip irrigation system. I have a 1500 gal gray water tank and 5 valve drip system. I don’t generate enough gray water to completely rely upon the tank so I need to be able automatically change to domestic household water. Any ideas?

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      basicly your grey water is shower basin and laundry. It goes without saying you can not use the WC water, but you can not use the kitchen sink water as the grease held in the water will block your drip system

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      Simply run a raw water untreated line to your gray water storage tank in addition to the gray water line. Mount a liquid level sensor at the low point on your tank where you want the sensor to activate an electrically operated solenoid valve to open the raw water line. You should also have a high level sensor to stop flow from both lines when the storage tank is full.

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      fourth year

      You have the perfect situation to cause a cross connection between the sewage and the domestic systems. Do not even consider mixing the two unless you also install the proper safequards. A check valve would not be a proper safeguard.

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      kenny b

      your potable water will have to fill the tank through an approved air gap.
      kenny b

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