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        I live in a condo where 3 other families in my building hear water constantly running. All our water bills are extremely high. Mine is 4 times what a normal bill should be. I have been trying to find some answers but don’t know to go to.Any ideas? Thanks

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        Avatar photofourth year

          Call a plumber. You obviously have a leak, or leaks, and he will find and fix them.

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          Avatar photoOberles

            I have had two plumbers out.The result is that I know that the leak is after my water meter. My closet wall was removed. I have no water in my unit, niether do my nieghbors. The ground around the building is wet. I got another bill today($148). I plan on going to City Hall Monday. I would appreciate some ideas of who to talk to. Thanks

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            Avatar photofourth year

              Nobody, since it is not their problem once the water passes through the water meter. If the plumber was only able to tell you that the leak is after the water meter, you did not have a very good plumber. A good plumber would have been able to tell you if the line to the house is leaking, if the toilets needed repair, or if you had a broken hot water line under the floor, (the most likely problem), or whatever other item was causing the leak.

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              Avatar photoGaryPurolite1

                Since it sounds like you do not have any obvious pipe or fitting leaks, I would suggest that you check the water closet for your toilet or toilets. Make sure the overflow is not overflowing water. This may not be so obvious. You do not want to have the water level anywhere near the top of the overflow. I have seen toilet overflows losing 400 gallons per 24 hour day and you could only see that the water level was even with the top of the overflow pipe.

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