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      AAAARRRRGGGHHHH… me too.

      We’re trying to install a new countertop, so we have to take out the old sink… I’ve got all the pipes disconnected (had to saw through one of the copper pipes, will repair later) and now I come to the garbage disposal… I have unhooked it from the pipes, but can’t get it unhooked from the sink itself – and since there’s an electrical cord running through the bottom of the cabinet into the basement and the breaker box, that means I can’t take the sink out – and can’t install the new countertop.

      It LOOKS like it should be easy enough to remove – there’s a metal “sleeve” into which the disposal obviously has been fitted, but it’s not budging at all. Do I need some sort of special tool or something?

      If ANYONE has life saving info on this, would appreciate a reply, either here or off list at Thanx in advance.

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      for thse who are removing a garbage disposal. once the disposal is disconnected fromthe collar the collar should have three bolts with slots on the lowest part of the bolt. These slots were made to accept a screww driver. insert a screw driver and turn the bolts counter- clockwise when all three bolts have been loosened tap on the collar a few times and when it comes loose you will find an expandable ring that can be popped off by putting your screwdriver under it and prying out on it. It’s actually not as tricky as it sounds. hopefully you will get results. let me know how it goes!

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      OK, I’ll take a shot at this one. If your disposal is an Insinkerator(ISE), the retaining ring that holds the disposal to the sink, needs to turn clockwise direction (as you stand over the sink) The ring will have 2 loops that a robertson or phillips screwdriver fits into, and use the screwdriver as leverage to loosen the ring. Hope this helps.mmilner

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