thanx hj…but I already Drano’d! what now?

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      I thought I could clear my dishwasher drain with drano…not a good idea ! Then after letting it sit for a while, I turn it on to flush it out…it bubbled out like nobody’s business :0!(a la brady bunch washing machine episode). Now what? Help please anybody!

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      I don’t know how to get the drano out but the next time the dishwasher won’t drain. Put vinegar in it. It gets rid of food partical and hard water deposit in the drain but won’t hurt your pump. I have done this for year and it works great. I wish I would of seen yours sooner. Sorry.

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      If the water does not go out of the dishwasher, then it is the pump or the diverter valve. something could be blocking the valve from opening, but it is highly unlikely to be a build up in the drain line.

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      One other remote possibility. If the disposer was just changed, the plug may not have been removed from the dishwasher connection.

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      Anyone have any ideas on how to get the Drano out of the bottom?

      Also, my drain does not go to my disposer. Could it be a kinked hose?

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