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      Dear Sir,

      I have a water heater from “State Industries, Inc. out of Ashland City. Tennesee. The problem is that I am
      getting chunks of plastic in my faucet strainer. The water heater is about seven years old. I have been told that
      the plastic tube is defective. Are you aware of any recalls on this part ? In your opinion is it worth switching
      out or should I purchase a new water heater ?
      The other problem is that the hot water does not last very long, but I attribute this to the defective plastic
      tube in the water heater.



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      There indeed are problems with certain models as you mentioned. Some of the “dip-tubes” are prone to break down after being in use for a certain amount of time. To get all of the specifics on the case, have a look at

      Good Luck!

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