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      1. I posted a message of H2S/Rotten egg stench, that is dangerous to live with, and the message disappeared after few days, unlike no other message, could someone please explain why the message suddenly diseapper from the board, when no others did, as it was completely proper language and approprite question also ?2. I have proceeded as far just with my nose ( as it seems that landlord and plumbers have been incompetent finding all the leaking exhaust vent joints ) so that I found one location of leaking exhaust vent joints myself, something an engineer seems to be able to do oneself, when other hopes failed. Now, I have however a new question, and expect to be answered without vanishing questions phenomena, or at least expect to hear a good explanation why completely appropriately formed question disappears, please.3. The question is, what pressurising/detection techniques can one use other than sucking or pumping some air to the exhaust vent from the roof and trying to detect the leaking stenches somehow along the exhaust vent piping what all joints leak more than acceptable amounts, what is the minimum pressure the exhaust vent joints should take without leaking, as the piping in this house seems to leak almost every possible joint, 20 yeras old house, really super-shoddy plumbing, failed plastic joint sealing compounds, exploded and completely missing parts of the exhaust venting system, ie, open pipe to sewer was found after opening sheetrock, I can bet there are plenty similar more, as 2 already was found so easy, and more stenches seem to come from the attic where the vent goes before getting out of the house …Thanx, forced-to-become-plumbing-specialist, Ray, Design Eng. B.Sc.EE, M.Sc student

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      Dear forced-to-become-plumbing-specialist, Ray, Design Eng. B.Sc.EE, M.Sc student: It is a well known fact even by those with very few credentials know that Hydrogen Sulphide Gas originating in the water heater as a result of anodic function, is sometimes mistaken for Bio-Gas. The corrosive effects of this gas could very well have been the causitive agent that bears responsibility for the bleaching out of or erasure of your post on this subject. TEX…Mensa Society and Genius at Large.

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