Is $2,700 too much for a water softener system ?

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      I received a quote for the complete installation of a T-1100i water softener system from Atlas Watersystems in the amount of $2,700. I have no idea if this is a fair quote. Any help would be appreciated.

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      Have you had an analysis done on the water?
      Do you have a specific result you are looking for.

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      If there is a lot of piping to get the water to the softener and back to the service, and if they are going to repipe all your hose faucets for hard water, and install a reverse osmosis drinking water system, then it may be high, but not excessively so. But if it is jsut for a water sofener, then I would be getting several more quotes.

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      I just installed a Sears H2O system for approx. 450.00. quite a simple installation, though I have a newer home with copper lines. They sell all the flexy pipes and values right there. But remember to “jump the ground back from pipe to pipe..

Viewing 3 reply threads
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