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      I am writing to you today for informtion on plumming. It is really something that I would like to get into and any
      information regarding this would be very much appreciated. Thank you for you time and effort.

      Ginene Bodnariuk

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      Try contacting the local plumbing indusrty board

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      Go to your local plumbing supply houses. There are sometimes posts on the bulletin board for plumbers helpers and the nearest courses. Call the county vocational schools and the community colleges to find out when people are having code courses. Talk to the people on the counter, they might know someone. If you have the courage to walk up to people there, you can get into a conversation with them to find out opportunities. Go to the offices of local plumbers to discuss the future with them. Call the state labor department to get copies of the requirements. Get a copy of the National Plumbing Codes to get a head start on what you need to know. And keep on visiting here and other boards to see the questions people have. Go to the state and federal employment sites to see opportunities.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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