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      we have found many houses with these leaks in the hicksville new york area.they are in copper that is between 1 and 6 years old.
      the water dist. has started putting in di-electric fittings in to stop the current.does any one know why or what is happening????
      thanks jim

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      Hickville and lots of Long Island areas use well water. Have your water tested for its PH level good luck..

      If you need a great Long island plumber let me know.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      hTere have been several excellent posts to this problem. Water treatment is vital to extend the life of steam heating equipment, so study of this kind of information is important to the plumbing-heating contractor.

      A battery’s life depends upon the amount of metal transferred from one terminal to another and the change of the medium between them. A water system, like a battery, with dissimilar metals transfers metal from one metal pipe to another according to the acidity of the water and the chemicals in the water.

      Some water sources have chemicals of some sorts more than others. Your local area’s water source accelerates the process. The dielectric union is one of the methods for breaking the electrical circuit between the metals, slowing the battery-like process. There are machines to hook up magnetic and electrical devices to the pipes to counter the metal transfer, slowing pitting, but they have to be tuned precisely and frequently to each situation (household pipe circuit) and are thus extrememly expensive on the whole for a regional water system.

      Using plastic pipe introduces environmental questions. Appliances attached to all-plastic or all-copper systems still create currents between glass-lined steel and stainless steel products. So the combined art and science of providing water appliances is a community agreement balanced between initial and long-term cost.

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