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      We recently did a major renovation on our house and purchased from http://www.plumbing.com. One American Standard product arrived damaged; I phoned and they quickly sent a replacement. But the kicker is that they charged $321 for the replacement part to my credit card and refuse to respond to my requests for assistance. They have the damaged part back using their system. I shopped prices carefully and the Lowes representative told me they had his prices beat; but at what cost when you are charged for damaged parts? I urge all consumers to use a great deal of caution if you are doing business online with the http://www.plumbing.com representatives.

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      Next TIME hire a licensed Master plumber let him make his mark up and THEN you wont have to deal with YOUR mistakes in damaging a good stores Quality product.
      Why should the store be responsible for the DIY guy who says it came damaged? If you had bothered to HIRE A licensed and INSURED contractor you wouldn’t be going through this HUH?

      How would YOU feel if anyone did your field and did it NOT as good BUT hey they are CHEAP?

      Now I must commend the home centers for not taking DAMAGED stuff back HAVE A NICE DAY

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      If they have the damaged part back, and charged you for both parts, then contact your credit card company and explain. It would appear they have commited some form of fraudulant behaviour

      Sylvan, maybe you should reread the first sentence of the original post. problemsolver only said that work was done on his/her house. And that they supplied the PC items, he didnt say he was installing it, or that a licenced plumber was installing it. Dont assume

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      Bungie didnt you get upset when I posted a 400A cost less then $5 ?

      Tsk TSK Buy the way Istill get my $125+ for a 400A installation DUH

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      Two sets of posts you need to read.
      The one above and the one re the 400A

Viewing 4 reply threads
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