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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        Our 1980 mobile home has had leaks in the plumbing over the past several years. The plumbing is made of a type of urethane. I read about a year ago about a lawsuit that had been filed against the original manufacturer of that plumbing material. Are you aware of the lawsuit so that damage to floors, walls and carpets might be collected?

        Thank you

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        Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

          The polydoctor answered this question in Plastic Piping at the bottom of the question list. I just copied some of it up here to save him time and have some of his smarts rub off on me for just listening to him:

          Here are some reliable websites with additional information :

          Polybutylene Information Help Site – 5 STAR SITE –

          Master Plumbers Bulletin Board – 5 STAR SITE –

          Terry Love Plumbing Bulletin Board – 5 STAR SITE – Info on Repipe –

          Terry Love Plumbing Bulletin Board – 5 STAR SITE – Polybutylene Info and Pictures –

          Dynamic Plumbing Information Forum –

          CLASS ACTION – Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center – 800-356-3496 –

          CLASS ACTION – Spencer Class Facility – 800-490-6997 –

          CLASS ACTION – Brasscraft Claims Facility – 3600 Orchard Hill Place, Novi, MI 48376

          CLASS ACTION – Canadian Homeowners –

          CLASS ACTION – Canadian Homeowners –

          Poly site that references Class Action Lawsuit filed by the insurance industry against the poly resin manufacturers

          Site with Key Dates involved in the development and problems associated with polybutylene plumbing systems –

          Site with confidential documents from Shell!!! –

          SPECIAL NOTE: If you would like referrals to reliable contractors in your area or you want to know more about your contractor, please e-mail . . . [email protected] or visit

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          Avatar photohj

            The pipe in question was the gray Polybutylene. I suspect yours is the black plastic. The only mobile homes covered are those with the gray pipe, constructed in the last 11 years.

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