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      My bathroom is roughed in for the installation of a 48″ shower kit. There is a 1 1/2″ pipe coming 6 inches above the duorock subfloor. My plumber says he will need to “dry tamp” the shower base to level it. My questions include:
      1. Is dry tamping a common practice or would shims work better? 2. Should the 2″ transition needed to connect the drain piece (the drain piece screws onto the shower base and contains a rubber sleeve that compresses when you screw the unit onto a mounting nut)to the 1 1/2″ pipe be put on prior to dry tamping? 3. Should the 1 1/2 pipe be secured to a joist or subfloor prior to installing the shower base (my concern is the pipe will move around making it difficult to get the rubber sleeve over the 2″ transition piece)?

      Thanks in advance for some guidance.

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      shims only support it where they are installed, dry packing the base will give support under the complete base. If it had been installed properly, the drain pipe in the floor would already be 2″ so a transition would not be necessary. Anything that goes under the shower, unless it is on an upper floor or has access below it, has to be installed prior to setting the base. The plumber knows the sequence to install it, so just give hime the base and turn him loose while you go out for a cold beer and a ball game.

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      HJ, I am sold on dry packing the base and going out for a beer and a ball game when it is being done.
      Do you know if they make a shower drain fitting for 1 1/2″ pipe? If not, would you suggest the plumber cut the 1 1/2″ pipe above the trap (which is right below the drain opening on the shower base) and run a piece of 2″ pipe up to the drain opening on the shower base? Thanks for your insight!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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