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      We have recently had our boiler moved. Since this time, when the boiler turns on, there is a slight banging noise, but this is nothing in comparison to the amount of banging when the boiler turns off – does anyone have any ideas? Please help!

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      This sounds like a STEAM system where either the new lines are back pitched ( steam hitting condensate) OR the main vent is improperly installed dont forget the 27″ for the MAIN vent.

      Plus all your other vents to make sure the condensate doesnt become air bound.

      I would strongly suggest you re read the manufacturers NEAR BOILER PIPING DIAGRAM.

      Unfortuntly a lot of NON licensed folks Especially “journeymen plumbers” think they know “heating” and pipe systems wrong.

      Steam is not as forgiving as hot water when it comes to boiler sizing or piping arrangements.

      Check the header for pitch and make absolutely sure the installer did install a Harford loop as you certainly dont want a melt down.

      No matter what someone says about the safety and operating controllers YOU still need this added NON MECHANICAL protection.

      Have a great week end.

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      Itis a Hartford loop.

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      HJ why didn’t you give the whole information? (My spell check missed it sorry)

      For example you could have explained the following not just throw words around.

      The Hartford loop was named after the Hartford insurance company (of Hartford Connecticut) as this company got tired of paying off claims for boiler melt downs due the boiler firing dry when a hole developed in the return piping and the make up water couldn’t keep up AND a lot of boilers were coal fired and were manually fed water and at that time, as folks LIKE HJ installed these boilers and felt an automatic feeder “COST TOO MUCH” and a manual feed would work just fine JUST like your one pump mentality about cost Vs. down time and inconvenience. (automatic feeders are NOT required by code on some residential boilers)
      So some MISFITS didnt install em as they feel a $4.00 globe valve would work and COST means everything

      The low water cut off were not invented yet by McDonnell & Miller and sometimes these heating system return lines would develop a leak on the return. (as return water could be slightly aggressive to the black steel)

      The water would empty and being the return was lower then the boiler feed it would drain the water out thus causing a dry firing condition.

      The ASME section IV shows how to properly install this and so does the National Board of Boiler Inspectors (NBBI)

      HJ if the only thing with my postings is a few typo’s then I am thrilled that you do approve of my advice

      HJ Please explain how to properly size this loop based on the firing rate of the boiler.

      Can you also tell us how you size the boiler return when replacing an OLD BIG boiler with a much smaller on as you certainly do not want to cause a flooding condition and thus more banging.

      HJ the floor is yours go get em. Respectfully SylvanLMP

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      Hey Syl, don’t be too hard on HJ. At least we know he’s reading every single word you write if for no other reason to try to find a typo. I am sure if he’s reading it this carefully, he is bound to be borrowing some learning from you also. Keep up the great work.

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      Thank you for the kind words

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