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      How do you remove a well pump that is 325′ deep that is plumbed with one inch poly pipe. Can any kind of tool be rented to pull pump from well?

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      in most cases that type of well pump would and could be pulled by hand. The use of an upsadaisy type well pump puller is also an option, but not readilly available for rent. a more common method of pulling this type of pump would be with a crane truck that most well drilles and pump service companys have. if all else fails the mehtod of using a backhoe and two pipe vises with a short section of chain and alternating vises as the first is lifted with the hoe to the top of the reach the other vise is applied to the pipe at the casing then just repeat till out or at a suitable level to pull by hand.

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      geez…325′ on poly…umm…thats goin to be heavy to pull by hand…and usually using a pump rig ruins the recommend goin to sch 80 pvc threaded pipe after you pull that out…

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      never had anything to do with pump wells ….. with that in mind, whats wrong with digging a hole beside the pipe, cut if off below ground level, and top up the pipe with fill ??

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