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      Can someone help me understand the steps to remove water from a hot water heat system with “free standing” cast iron radiators.

      I tried shuting off the valve at the radiator and shuting off the valves in the basement. Eight buckets of water have come out with no sign of decreased flow or pressure. Should I keep going, or am I missing something and in the process of removing all the water from the system and the floor above me. This is the first time I have ever owned a hot water heat system.

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      The radiator valves on a hot water system (Hydronics) DO NOT shut off the water to the radiator as these valves have a hole drilled in the cylinder OR gate. The reason the hole is there is to prevent FREEZE UPS.THEY are meant to CIRCULATE water constantly!!!

      The proper way to drain this type of system is to shut the boiler switch FIRST.

      2nd SHUT off the water supply leading to the boilers automatic feeder (PRV) then drain the boiler including the expansion tank.

      As the system drains your going to have to open a bleeder valve on and upper floor to break the vacuum

      AFTER the water stops flowing you still will have some pretty dirty water still in the radiators that will not drain completely in most cases. By watching your altitude gauge you can tell when the system is down.

      When refilling use the automatic feeder and LET the water get to room temperature before switching the boiler back on so as not to cause thermo stress. Watch yuor gauge and bleed each radiator BEFORE letting the circulator work. Have fun

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      As Sylvan said, “have fun.” Make sure you follow step by step what he said. However, if you should (God forbid) somehow burn or scald yourself, be sure you call Sylvan and let him know that you’re going to sue him. (He does have insurance). Heck, even if you don’t plan to sue him, threaten a lawsuit anyway. He would want it this way. Have fun.

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      Jack wrote on 12 June 2000 at 05:13 AM:
      In most of the water faucets, including showers, I get a high pitched noise whenever I turn on the water supply. The Home-Depot employee suspected it was the water pressure regulator in front of the house where the water goes into the house. Any ideas from you experts? How difficult/simple is it for a layperson to fix?
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