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      I’m considering installing a tankless natural gas hw heater, made by Bosch, in lieu of a natural gas heater by GE. Should I expect there to be a noticable difference in performance? Performance, meaning flow rate…

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      The “flow rate” should be the same BUT the recovery rate can vary a lot.

      This all has to do with the existing H/W heater size (volume) and BTU input and efficiency (output)

      The bad thing about hot water tanks is all the stand by losses, the good thing is the volume available at peek demand periods.

      Having a tankless coil makes sense BUT you must first find out the GPH output temperature rise of the incoming water. They give you charts for this stuff.

      Having water on demand could be a great thing IF it can keep up with peek demands of your home. For example you turn on your dishwasher and washing machine and someone decides to take a shower THIS is called demand on the system.

      If your flow rate is not designed to this factor you just may get Luke warm water or cold. Then you have to give this system time to make up again.

      Have this sized properly and you should have no problems associated with the switching over .. Good Luck

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      A tankless heater is limited by the BTU input and the flow through the heater. Unless the heater has a built in flow regulator, using more water than it can heat will give you warm or cool water, until the flow is reduced. If it has a built in regulator, then the temperature of the water will be constant, but the amount of water available in the system will be reduced if the capacity is exceeded. This can be shocking if the shower valves are not pressure balanced, although the subsequent lack of water flow can be just as annoying.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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