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      Where can I find a school to learn the plumbing trade I am specifically interested in the installation of pumps.

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      You do NOT have to go to “plumbing” school just to learn about pump installations

      The problem with just saying you want to know about the installation of pumps is not what we “plumbers” are about

      Pumps can be a specialized field without learning the complicated aspects of “plumbing”

      Plumbing is complicated enough if taken seriously unlike the stumble bums who just dabble in this one time profession.

      Pumping systems can be a simple sump pump or circulators on hydronics heating or as complicated as finding pump curves and efficiencies on high rise fire protection. ( friction losses/velocity /head/pump efficeny all this good stuff)

      Finding the right bearing isolators to protect against lubricant loss and contamination today is another wide open field in relation to pumps

      Today most of the so called “plumbers” don’t even have a license and the techs have no idea of basic plumbing/heating design.

      Ask the “plumbing” techs about fixture units and sizing storm and sewer combined using interpolation for a combined flow with a clear water pump application, and they say DUH

      You can make a heck of a career just from pump service and design.

      To learn plumbing and pumps is like saying you want to learn electronics and computer programing. Different fields using the same shell.

      Pumping slurry / acid / pulp/steam condensate/fire protection/ gasboosters/domestic water supply sewerage plants are all specialized “pumping applications” which require lots of formal training.

      You can tell a lot by a pump by just the amperage draw and changing the brushes on 3 phase pumps was also the “plumbers job ” but not any more as the new plumbers are the throw away generation.

      I can remember the last time I rewound a motor winding on a pump for absorption system pump down to the recieved I was just 17 years old. Try going to a local college where engineering courses are offered ..
      When I was a stationary engineer before becoming a LMP I had to service injection pumps for chemical processing and boiler water treatment. Replacing seals on vacuum pumps and steam condensate as well as domestic water booster pumps as well as repairing/replacing circulator ceramic seal. Believe me pumps and plumbing can be very time consuming careers to learn even half way decent.

      Having water drip (8 drops per minute) for lubrication BUT having more could cause premature shaft wear and not enough can cause over heating and thus ruining the pump seals and shaft. Great stuff huh?

      Pump work is not quite as forgiving as plumbing as look around who are calling themselves “plumbers”.

      12 weeks TRAINING some franchise said it takes to learn “plumbing” GO figure
      The main thing with any field is to have fun doing it and trying to learn more than enough just to get by. Good luck

      To be a real journeyman plumber (Mechanic) requires a 5 year apprenticeship training and schooling for codes, welding and other great stuff long before your ready to take the Masters exam. Good luck and HAVE FUN

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