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      I have a Delta shower faucet that drips. It is the single handle type that controls both the hot and cold water. I have removed the handle and plate. The current spindle, plastic unit and copper ring holding plastic unit are exposed. I am unable to remove copper ring(I assume its threaded or is it?) I am afraid of twisting off the entire unit in order to remove the plastic unit. I am attempting to replace the spring and rubber gaskets located behind plastic unit. How do you remove the copper ring holding the plastic unit in place? If threaded do you turn it counter clockwise or clockwise. Thanks in advance. Charlie

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      You really should have a plumber service it. I usually have one of those wvery two months where the homeowner has twisted it off, (Usually on a weekend). I can put it back together, but it is easier to not break it in the first place. Also, most plumbers will not want, or know how, to repair it and will replace the valve at a much greater cost.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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