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      My water facet trickle water when I turn it one. I don’t have any water pressure from either the hot or cold water. It is a dual knob facet. Any suggestions
      Thanks Mike

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      This reminds me of the two franchise guys I came behind a few years back. The building owner had also a trickle of water from the H&C water spout in his faucet. These TWO stumble bums started destroying his walls telling him it was clogged galvanized piping and how BOTH lines decided to be come blocked at the exact same time.

      The wife of this poor victim called my office and I went over.

      I removed the aerator and let the faucet run full blast letting all the sediment out and also cleaned the aerator.
      I replaced it and took my $85 PLUS tax and left him to discuss how the broken 40+ year old tiles were going to be rematched by these techs :-) Try the aerator 1st THEN check the obvious like closed valves etc.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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