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      In general, does a static hot water
      recirculation system (no pump) work
      as well as one with a pump? If not,
      are they usually at least satisfactory?
      Jim Talbert
      Birmingham AL

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      Generally NO WAY NO HOW But there is a great device called Warm flow by Nibco. Try this site (My article)

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      If, and this is a big IF, the piping is run properly, i.e., the supply to the last fixture slopes constantly upward, and the return to the water heater flows constantly downward, then a gravity system will work as good as a pump system and use less energy since less water is being returned to the tank to be reheated. However, it is often difficult to install the piping correctly, in which case a gravity system will not work at all and a pump has to be installed.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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