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      I have an ECOWATER SOFTNER 3000 Series water softner. The brine tank stays full of water all the time. The water is not
      conditioned as good as it has been in the past. What would cause the brine tank to stay full of water all the time.

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      This could be a plugged drain line or plugged injector system. Also foreign material in the brine line or foreign material in the brine line flow control in the bottom of the brine tank.

      Remove all of the water and salt from the brine tank. Find the valve at the bottom and clean it up. Your softener will not regenerate if it can’t draw brine from your brine tank.

      After you get it cleaned up place the control head into the brine tank refill position. You will know you are in the right position when water begins to flow into your brine tank. Allow to time out.

      The water level in your tank should only be about 2″ from the top of the bottom grate. After the fill cycle. Now place the control head into the brine and slow rinse position observe the water level dropping in the tank you will need a flash light and look closley at the water touching the side of the tank. If the water does not drop slowly then you will need to check your service valve to make sure it is functioning properly.

      Your control head timer may not be cycling properly.

      If you don’t want to get into this than I would call a water treatment dealer before you make some mistakes you will regret.

      Good Luck

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