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      I had a new hot water heater put in, but I am not happy with the way the venting looks. The draft collar that goes down over the pipe at the top of the hot water heater does not fit on tightly. It is kicked up on one side. The plumber did it this way because the new hot water heater apparently would not fit in the same way the old one did. The pipe coming from the top has been elbowed right above the top. It looks unsafe to me! I called the plumber and asked that the owner come out and look at this and so far no one has. I am afraid fumes can escape from around the hood. I probably have not explained this very well…but shouldn’t the hood collar fit down so that the feet fit into the notches on top of the water heater? Mine is at an angle and the feet can’t possibly fit into the notches. Should I DEMAND that the owner come look at this? I just don’t feel this is safe at all.

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      A flue pipe draft hood should be installed straight to prevent the possibility of spillage.

      Yes CALL THE owner and NEXT time ALLOW only the Licensed Master Plumber to work on your “plumbing”

      The “hood” should also be secured to the vent pipe Via sheet metal screw in 3 locations on each piece. Good luck

Viewing 1 reply thread
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