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      Hi, Last night I found out that I have no hot water, I havent used hot water in about 3-4 days and it was hot then, but not now. The breaker is on, and everything should be working. The water heater was installed in 1982, and to my knowlege has never been serviced. I just bought this house not long ago. It has a 30 gallon tank, 2 4500 watt elements. The elements were held in by 4 bolts, I dont think they are screwed in. Now I cant get the elements out, I have applied light pressure with a screw driver, to try and pry it out, but dont want to damage the heater. Could it just be corrosion? Or am I going about this all wrong, please help…

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      If the elements are held in by four bolts, they will just pull out. BUT my questions to you are: 1. Your W/H is eighteen years old so why don’t you replace it (hopefully with a larger one)? 2. Are you even sure the elements are bad?

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      I would suggest buying a new heater. When you try to replace the bolts after installing the new element, I think you will find that they no will longer tighten up.

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      Thank you everyone for your help.
      In response to hj’s suggestion, he was exacly right. Right after I sent my message, I tried again and they came off, however, because of the corrosion of the hole, and the screws they would not tighten, and the element slot was all eaten up with rust, so all it did was leak.

      By the way, I took the old elements to the hardware store, they tested them for free, they told me the bottom one was bad. But now that its leaking due to the rusted out element slot, I have decided to get a enw heater, a larger one in fact…

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