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      I am doing some minor remodeling on a house I recently bought, which includes a new shower faucet and vanity faucet, both Price Pfister. The hot water heater is only a few years old. When I run the shower for any extended period of time, the pressure relief valve continuously dumps water until I shut off the main valve. Is this related to the new faucets at all, is it a bad valve, or do I need an expansion tank for my hot water heater?


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      If you’re on city water and if the municapality has installed check valves at their meter to prevent back preasure/back siphonage from your water line and if the relief valve on the water heater starts to discharge every time the water heater comes on (with NO water being used anywhere in the house) than you definately need a line preasure expansion tank.

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      A new T&P cost under $10 to take it for granted it is thermo expansion could cost you your life.

      why not invest in a New ASME/AGA approved T&P full size 3/4 and also check the near system piping for a proper heat sink (27″ ) and also keep in mind these valves are to open with 150 PSI or 210 degree’s. Dont just put in an expansion tank and think that is the cure all. For the $10 part you will atleast have peace of mind.

      Never assume it isnt a part going defective. Most “plumbers” install a T&P with the heater and NEVER look back to check this device. Good luck
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