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      I’m looking for an expert, preferably near Dayton, Ohio, to testify about the cause of pin-hole leaks in copper pipes. Please contact me at kbowman@ssdlaw.com

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      I have been called upon as an expert in several law suits regarding poor installations and product failures.( NOT MY jobs lol)
      I have NEVER lost a case. Please feel free to contact me.Via E mail

      I have found over the years the problem was not with the copper tubing but with the wrong installation, such as lack of reaming the tube ends. Burrs left on the inside of the tube can
      cause interruption of laminar flow resulting in localized high water
      velocity and cavitation. (erosion)

      Excessive water temperature. Heating water above 140 degrees Fahrenheit
      can accelerate the process of erosion/corrosion. As the temperature
      increases, the velocity should be lowered. At 180 degrees Fahrenheit, the
      velocity should be down around 2 – 3 feet per second (fps).

      A lot of so called plumbers also resort to self cleaning fluxes that if not properly flushed out will also cause a pitting condition.

      If your willing to take my deposition from a NYC Law firm and send me a small sample of the piping in question I would be willing to look at it and let you know if I am interested in taking on this case. Then we can discuss my fee’s
      Respectfully SylvanLMP

Viewing 1 reply thread
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