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Thanks Gary.
I set the hardness to 16, but the instructions do not show any way to adjust the capacity. The instructions do show how to set “maximum days between regernations.” I can also set “salt efficiency” that will operate the unit at salt efficiencies of 4,000 grains of hardness per pound of salt or higher. I will admit I am new to this. I assumed a “demand initiated regeneration” (D.I.R.) unit would regenerate as needed to not allow it to exceed rated capacity. The only other info i can provide is the “rated capacity” shown on the unit:
Grains @ Pound of salt
13,000 @ 2.6
22,000 @ 5.2
30,000 @ 9.6
33,000 @ 13.9
I am not sure what to do with this info however.

Thanks again.
Pete K

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