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you suggesting he places a very high header tank ??. how does he get the water up there ?? pump ?? unless of course you heat the water up inside the closed main to increase the pressure. Kinda kills the grass using boiling water to sprinkle the lawns.

Well, Bungie since you asked, we in the big city use several ways to boost pressure including gravity down feed systems as We do not know if this person suffers from a pressure loss during peek demands or a chronic problem.

Now a lot of folks think volume and pressure are the same.

Just throwing in a “pump” without figuring friction losses and velocity and type of piping materials and what fixture unit demands are is not the way to design plumbing.

What should have been suggested was to take a pressure reading and then find the height of the upper most fixture and using proven mathematical formulas we figure out what this system really needs for proper operation?

On some jobs I design like say a 47 story piping system I let the city pressure take care of the first 5 or 6 floors then install either a pressure booster or hydro pneumatic system Or several pumping stations Or a gravity down feed system with Pressure reducing valves to limit the pressure not to exceed 85 PSI.

Now we know there are several times of pressure increasing systems that just about ANY HOME OWNER can install properly.

It really doesn’t take that much research to install a proper system as I had one lady do it from over the phone instructions and it came out perfectly even with the low pressure cut out so in case the city pressure should drop this pressure booster would not cause a vacuum on the city service in case of a water main break or a fire where the super pumpers could suck a main dry.

Now for country bunkin plummin systems for say irrigation why not have an open tank that catches rain water with an over flow and let the height of the water inlet create the pressure required. Lucky some places like some parts of Arizona NO qualifications are needed to open shop and thus anyone can dabble in plummmin etc. so instead of collecting welfare these UN employable can become piping specialists over night.
Ok Mate By the way how is everything in Oz?


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